This course is delivered by the collaboration between INSPIRE Consortium ‘Parahyangan Catholic University Bandung, Universitas Sumatera Utara, Universitas Andalas, Universitas Udayana, FH Joanneum - Austria, Universidad de Alicante - Spain, Krakow University of Economic - Poland, and supported by the European Union. The course is aimed to introduce social entrepreneurship in higher education in Indonesian and it is a part of the ERASMUS + Capacity Building of Higher Education grant.

The course first presents the concept of social entrepreneurship. It presents its core definition and specificities. It then emphasizes the role of the social entrepreneur and his/her life story in discovering the social enterprise mission and her/his motivations. 

The second part of the course deepens the approach of the social enterprise's mission and presents the way to connect problems to opportunities. This part allows understanding the concept of needs, which are the core elements of any mission. Students learn how to find the root causes of social problems to imagine effective solutions.

This preparatory work lays the ground for the next central step: building the social enterprise business model. While building it, students are encouraged to find Social Enterprise business ideas and test their project prototype, including analyzing and finding the right pricing strategy. Finally, the course presents the concept and tools for compelling storytelling to frame their social mission and planned impact.

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The INSPIRE project’s aim is to promote the entrepreneurial mindset and innovation in partner country higher education institutions (HEIs) by strengthening the University-Business cooperation for better employability of social entrepreneurs and for increasing their relevance for the labour market and the society.

The overall objectives of INSPIRE are:

  1. To promote social entrepreneurship in selected Indonesian regions by recognizing their needs and transferring best practice approaches from European to Indonesian HEIs.
  2. To facilitate innovative learning practices in social entrepreneurship education by developing and implementing trainings, workshops and other tools to increase the labour market relevance of social entrepreneurs.
  3. To strengthen cooperation among educational institutions from Indonesia and Europe to foster internationalization of Indonesian HEIs and for the mutual benefit of increased reputation and recognition in the field of social entrepreneurship.
  4. o foster innovation in the field of social entrepreneurship by involving relevant social entrepreneur mentors in the formation of social entrepreneurs and by creating a physical environment where it can be developed

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