Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly, this subject has penetrated almost every sector in our lives with all its efficiency and effectiveness compared to humans. Cutting-edge researches have been done by some big players in this area like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, etc. These all big players have released their own AI frameworks with all its advantages; these frameworks are used by the developer and researcher in order to develop AI algorithms. Tensorflow is one of the most famous and familiar Deep Learning frameworks developed by Google, this framework is available in some languages like python and javascript which make AI development easier for developers. Tensorflow 2.x is developed from the predecessor TensorFlow 1.x and released in 2019 which is more user-friendly and syntax-friendly but more powerful than TensorFlow 1.x

In this lecture video, these are some objectives that would be achieved by the students :

1. Introduce the main difference between TensorFlow 1.x and TensorFlow 2.x

2. Introduce important functions inside TensorFlow 2.x which should help AI developers or researchers.

3. Introduce how TensorFlow 2.x can be used in one of the hottest AI applications computer vision, we will describe our own deep learning network in order to recognize a picture.

After taking this lecture, we hope that students should be more encouraged to expand their knowledge about AI and how to use TensorFlow 2.x in order to use famous or legitimate AI algorithms for their own problems.

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Khikmafaris Yudantaka

Khikmafaris Yudantaka merupakan seorang professional Data Scientist pada sebuah perusahaan konsultan telematika Sharing Vision Indonesia. Ia memperoleh gelar S1(S.T.) dari program Teknik Elektro, Institut Teknologi Bandung (2011); gelar S2 (M.Sc.) dari program studi Teknik Elektro dan Informatika, Seoul National University of Science and Technology (SEOULTECH), Korea(2018). Bidang keahliannya dalam deep learning & data science, membawanya berkarir pada sebuah start-up computer vision di Indonesia sebagai AI Scientist. Saat ini, ia sedang aktif dalam projek pada sebuah Bank BUMN dalam membangun sebuah sistem Fraud Detection yang berlokasi di Jakarta. Ia bersosial media di Instagram dan juga LinkedIn @khikmafarisy